I have grown up around dogs, mainly labradors and spaniels and most of my life I have had dogs in the family.

In the 1990’s I worked with a horse whisperer and then learned how to transfer those skills to dogs. Over the last thirty years I have studied how dogs work as part of a pack and how their behaviours are governed by their wolf ancestry. I love being around dogs and have my own pack of eight dogs who help me when I train. All my dogs are rescue dogs, mostly who were about to be euthanised for aggression.

Understanding how dogs work as part of a pack is the basis of being able to channel their behaviours into working relationships with you, their owner. Nothing gives me greater joy than to end a training session knowing that I have helped an owner and their dog bond more closely and deepened their understanding of each other.

“I highly recommend Ian to anyone who is on the look out for a dog trainer, someone who is more interested in the dog than the money.” D Hoskin