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I grew up around gun dogs as my father trialed and picked on invitational shoots, as it was in those days and I would always be with him. So I started early with gun dogs.

Through my connections I now get asked, not necessarily just train but also to help people with their gun dog problems using the dog psychology angle and working in a different way to other trainers. If you need a young dog trained or you have problems with an older dog please get in touch.

Never give up on your dog. As shown in the June 2014 Shooting Times article I have 9 working dogs, all of whom came from family homes or rescue centres.

I will take gun dogs in for a period with or without training while you are away. 

Please see below for some reviews that are specific to my gun dog training



‘I think Monty is our fourteenth dog, in married life. Some were not gun dogs, but the last five - since our return to the UK - have been. We never had any problem training any until Monty turned up. He is one of the nicest of the dogs we have had, but certainly the naughtiest. He was totally uncontrollable in our garden, and impossible to let off the lead outside it. Although he was intended as a working dog we would never have let him go elsewhere. However we were at our wits end, as we did want him to have a life, whether as a worker or just a friend. By chance a friend of a friend put us on to Ian, and Monty has been on the up ever since. We took him to Ian’s for I think six weeks, and he returned as nice a dog, but hugely more controllable. It happened we then had an unusual six weeks away and Monty had a refresher with Ian. Another immeasurable improvement. He now is safe in the open, an important step. He is also a good retriever of birds, although there is scope for him to be calmer on the peg. With the massive improvement Ian has imparted, I am confident that he will be first class within a year (He is now two), both on driven and walked up birds. Importantly for us, and I know Ian, this has been achieved without dampening his ebullient personality. We really appreciate Ian’s help, which has undoubtedly transformed Monty’s life.‘


"Thank you so much Ian for all your help with my little chap. His dominance was potentially leading to real problems and being only two could have been a lifetime of difficulty. Your insight as to how he thinks, and how I should engage with him has been a revelation. I have continued to follow your advice as clearly you have shown me how to “think outside the box”. He is now working really well in the field too. With the work you have put in and the advice and training you have given ME. I now have an even more adorable dog who is a real pleasure and we are both very happy. Thank you"


"On a friends recommendation I sent my young springer down to Ian. He had developed retrieving issues and had also started squeaking. We had tried two other trainers who couldn't help. 3 weeks later I got back the perfect dog. I was amazed. Ian then showed me how to connect with him and cary the training on. This method was a revelation. I cannot recommend this guy highly enough!"


"Thank you for a great session with my 2 year old lab yesterday from advice on nutrition to behaviour really benefitted from the one to one time and practice.Have put your suggestions nto practice already and seen a difference, but step by step and reinforced actions I know I will get there. Thank you !"


“I cannot express enough thanks and gratitude to Ian for everything he has done for my dog, Blue. From a dog I was unable to handle and would constantly ‘butt heads’ with to an amazing working dog. Every step of the way I have been updated with his progress and have been sent videos and photos. Ian has been incredibly patient and understanding in everything I wished to achieve with Blue. There are not enough words to say how thankful I am to have found an amazing trainer like Ian!”

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