“We rescued a lovely staffy after he was subjected to 8 years of neglect. He was also given away 4 times over a 10 day period before he came to our rescue. We knew he was going to need specialist care and training so asked Ian for help. Over a few months Ian has done amazing work with Benny. He is now an absolute love bug and we will be forever grateful for Ian’s hard work. He has taught Benny that people are actually ok and he now craves attention and cuddles off his new family. Benny will be forever grateful for Ians love and care, as will we! Thank you for all you do, Team Poundie” E Barrie


After consultation residential training might be the best option for your dog. I work with Beech Tree Kennels where your dog will stay in a secure environment. I work with your dog on a daily basis, following a plan that we will agree and I will provide regular updates so you can see how we progress. Usually residential training last one or two weeks depending on the severity of the behaviours seen and I tend to make a flexible plan with you so that we really get the most of the time we have.


“So pleased we found Ian but we had a difficult journey to get here! Lots of disruption in my young Springer’s life due to having go spend lots of time away with my terminally ill father. Long story short I had lost connection with my lovely boy , unavoidable but difficult to come to terms with. After a recent residential stay with another trainer I'd come to the conclusion that I needed a completely different approach and found Ian Cooper after some research. We had an initial phone chat and I felt very comfortable releasing Loki into Ian’s care. Loki stayed with Ian for 3 weeks. I received lots of written and video feedback which was very reassuring. We went to pick our boy up and had a great couple of hours with Ian, Clare and the amazing pack. Ian’s approach is different to anything I've experienced previously. Not a treat in sight but based on canine behaviour and communication. It’s calm, firm but gentle all in one, bit like the man himself. I'm seeing my dog with different eyes already after just a few days back home. This morning he off lead heeled for 0.5 miles with very little prompting from me, this is a massive step for us and I believe I can build on with my growing knowledge and Ian’s offer of ongoing support. I wholeheartedly recommend Ian if you are serious about changing the relationship you have with your dog but are prepared to open your mind to a different way of interacting with your dog. Ian Cooper is the man!” - J Hadley


Beech Tree Kennels

Beech Tree is owned by Jackie and Steve and is a secure and highly recommended kennels for your dogs. Not only do Beech Tree kennel, there is a secure dog walking paddock that can be booked to help practice any recall training!

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