“The best couple of hours I have ever spent. Ian’s knowledge and guidance is invaluable!! Absolutely amazing! He has sorted out our dog completely; in a time when I thought that all hope was lost he showed us how to gain respect back from our dog!! Our dog was a nightmare on and off the lead and Ian showed us how to sort this behaviour out. I can’t thank him enough!!

If you’re in need please don’t hesitate to contact Ian, he is the real life dog whisperer!! He really helped us in our time of great desperation and felt like we were at the end of the road!“ T Robyn

All behaviours can be worked on from pulling on the lead to severe aggression and, over the years, I have seen most problems.

Most owners want to have a loving and caring relationship with their dogs and some empathetic correctional behaviour will resolve the majority of issues. The most important thing is that you seek the appropriate help when you can.


A session lasts approximately two hours and usually one session will be enough as I work with both you and the dog. After our initial phone or email consultation we will decide if it is best for me to come to visit you or work in a secure paddock at Beech Tree Kennels.  During the session I will show you how to correct the dog’s behaviour and help you re-establish a healthy connection. 

When you leave you will have the training tools that you need to continue to train independently. I always like to hear about how you are getting on.

Sometimes it's best for me to work with your dog in their home environment and I have been contacted by people from all over the UK (and further afield!) If you feel that you need more than one visit, I am happy to create a bespoke training package for you and your dog that may consist of online training sessions, one or more home visits and several follow up calls and online training sessions.

Please do contact me to discuss if this option is suitable for you.


Many owners experience some worry over whether they have done something wrong but don’t let that stop you contacting me. Quite often the dog has had something happen in their past, has a character trait or has just simply got to the age where they want to push boundaries. 

The bottom line is you shouldn’t give up, just give me a call or drop me an email and we can talk through the issues you are seeing.

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