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As a Dog Trainer in the South West, UK I like to make sure my clients and their dogs get the best attention and help they deserve. I’m proud to showcase the following testimonials from some of my recent clients. Read their critiques of my training to check out what’s being said about me, and see why you & your Dog or Dogs should be training with me, too. Contact me now to get started.


Yuval Shalson 11th December 2020

'Amazing. I’ve tried several different dog trainers over the last year and none were successful. In a short morning with Ian, we had all 4 of my dogs walking calmly on lead, not reacting to other dogs, not jumping up or getting in human personal space and respecting my authority as their leader. Blown away by how quickly Ian taught these methods to me and my dogs, and how he has given me the confidence to continue this work at home. Highly recommend, and will be recommending to all I come across! Big big thank you to you, Ian!'

Francis Jago 30th November 2020

'Ian has made a huge difference for us, and more importantly for Reggie. His calmness and genuine ability to communicate with animals and owners alike set us for success not failure, and gave us the start we so badly needed. Thanks again, we cannot recommend Ian enough.'

Helen Turner 6th December 2020

Our dog had a huge problem chasing sheep, a week with Ian and his pack, my dog is no longer interested in the chase, I can't thank Ian enough.

I'd highly recommend this dog whisper. He truly can talk the dogs soul, and fix the issues!

11th April 2021

We met Ian and his pack of dogs to help our dog Harry with his nervousness on an initial greed with another dog. Ian made us feel relaxed and his obvious vast experience with dog behaviour gave us confidence in his advice. We repeated the action he taught us on our next walk with Harry with success! We all feel more confident and relaxed now including Harry. Thank you

9th April 2021

We first saw Ian back in December 2020 when he helped us with Luna our 3 year old Cavapoo's barking in the house and garden. We are making good progress with this, so invited Ian back today to help us with her pulling on lead. Within 10 minutes Ian had got Luna walking beside him and 10 minutes later she was doing the same for me. Lots of invaluable hints and tips all about dog behaviour and respect. Ian also brought one of his dogs along to give Luna extra practice as she struggles meeting some dogs. The first walk on my own this afternoon was so much better and has given me a spring in my step that I can do this. Thank You Ian.
Sarah Pennington

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I am a professional Dog Trainer with a very simple philosophy. I believe that training Dogs should be fun, kind & natural. All animals involved in the process experience the benefits, including the humans involved! Put your best paw forward and let’s get started today.



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