Jane - 28th September 2022

Ian came to our home this week and spent several hours showing us how in the dogs/wolf world they communicate. Then teaching us how to translate these actions to communicate with our two high octane dogs. This is all done with kindness and calm.  We are now on our way to a calm relaxed home with two relaxed dogs.  Can’t thank Ian enough.

Sarah - 24th September 2022

We had a great session with Ian  and I feel so much better about things now. It was quite remarkable to see her in her garden with the dog she is always reacting to. We took her out later for a walk and she started to exhibit same behaviour but I followed Ian’s advice and it stopped and we walked together calmly. Later on I was talking to some friend’s and the other big lurcher, which she  reacts to even more, came out of his house with the owners and while she was poised and ready to kick off I did the same thing and nothing happened, no barking and lunging and twisting on the lead. I know it is baby steps and won’t be fixed in an afternoon but it is amazing. I feel empowered!! So, thank you thank you thank you Ian.

Chris - 16th September 2022

The session today was completely brilliant and enlightening. My wife Pam and I both learned so much, and look forward to helping Arthur to be a dog again without the worrying attachment issues he has developed. I always had the feeling that what I was doing personally was informing his attachment but I just couldn’t work out what it was, what to change and how….. Ian absolutely nailed it within a few minutes and provided us (more specifically me) with the tools and techniques to really help Arthur. 

We’re happily practicing what Ian taught us today and already we are seeing a change for the better. The future looks bright and we are feeling so much better about Arthur’s forthcoming stay at Beech Tree Kennels.

Ian has been fabulous and his reassurance has literally changed ours, and Arthur’s world.

Gill - 26th August 2022

Goodness what a difference in the little chap already. Started putting Ian’s teaching into practice first thing when he jumped up to see what was going on preparing food.  Straight down, went to sleep. That was 7am this morning. 

We are both feeling confident that we are going to have the best pair of well-behaved dogs in the world. Considering both rehomed and never socialised with Ian’s guidance we will get there. Plus, one a being a basset hound who immediately fell in love with Ian, walked to heel listening to his body language. Who would have thought that was possible. 

Thank you both we had the best learning session and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  

Clare - 21st August 2022

**Excerpt from original email: It was great to speak to you today concerning our Cockapoo. We are devastated after the vet & the 'behaviour. specialist' both agree to have my boy put down.**

We cannot thank you enough for your wonderful training session Sunday evening & all the information & guidance that was so greatly needed.
I have been successful on 'eventually' stopping Milo from doing things he shouldn't & in the end he just walks away.
There have been a couple of moments but as you say, patience & in the end I got there !
I gave the good news to my daughter who is in London at the moment & now she can't stop crying with joy !! 
Ian has completely changed our lives & we cannot thank you both enough, truly a miracle meeting,

Sally - 3rd August 2022

It has been a few weeks now and I wanted to message simply because it has been like living with a new dog! 
I have been very strict and ensured I have followed Ian’s instruction repeatedly to the letter and Winston has been an absolute delight. He is attentive, responsive and actually he seems happier, far less edgy. When I take him out, if he sees someone that he is unsure of he grumbles under his breath, I instantly remind him with Ian’s key points, and he stops. We don’t have anymore of the stand offs or the aggressive barking, Ian is a genius! Nobody should be struggling with their dog, they should just contact The Devon Dog Trainer. I honestly cannot thank you both enough.

Lottie - 27th July 2022

Ian gave us the tools and confidence to keep our little lady calm and level headed in all situations! (We needed the training, not the puppy!) Can’t wait to put it into practice and start enjoying life with the pup! We cannot thank you enough, we already see a difference and it’s only been 12 hours!! Brilliant communication from Clare prior to the day, quick and friendly responses, honestly cannot recommend them enough, I will be telling all far and wide. Thank you, thank you, thank you

*Note: GSD Puppy*

Louise and Giles - 22nd July 2022

Giles and I just wanted to say a huge thanks for your time and expertise on Monday. We have seen a significant improvement in both the boys behaviour over the last few days. The techniques you suggested appear to be having quite an impact and I personally feel a lot more confident in managing any unwanted behaviour. I really appreciate all you did, the boys are so important to me and as we discussed, I was so close to having Dill put down, so thanks does not seem enough to express my gratitude.

Julie - 14th July 2022

It was lovely to meet & spend time with Ian yesterday. He is such a lovely guy and made us feel very relaxed( well..maybe not Millie!). We took on board every thing he told us and found so much out about Millies mind and dogs in general. Very fascinating.😊 We have already noticed a bit of a change in her attitude and I used the hand signal last night at the front door and she immediately went quiet and sat down until I called her frwrd. Amazing!😇❤

OMG!! I have just trimmed Millie with cutters all around her bum back legs and tummy and she was soooo submissive!😇 Every time she lifted her head I put my hand up firmly to her & she backed down & didnt growl once! It gave me lots more confidence too which she picked up on I think.❤ Thank you.x

Update 14th August 2022

Hi Ian & Clare. It is a month since i messaged u last. Ian- you have worked a miracle on Millie and after just one visit!! I cannot believe how she is now & what you have done. She has not growled once since u came..and early this morning(wen it was cooler!) I gave her a full coat trim..including the areas I could NEVER get to as she wld bear her teeth at me...AND Ive cut her nails all by myself!! You are amazing! Thank you so so much! Visitors have also been amazed at how she backs off when they come in & goes quiet as soon as I give her the command😇 The relationship between us has changed to her looking to me as the "boss" but being less anxious because of it too. We still roll around playing and have a fantastic time but she now knows her place with us. THANK YOU! 

Caroline - 25th June 2022

It was really good to me with you today. I found the session very helpful and insightful, I took Bryn out for a walk straight after you left and using the techniques you taught me we were able to walk past a number of cyclists and runners without any problems at all. I do feel a lot more confident and reassured now that Bryn is not an aggressive dog and I will continue to use the tools you gave me to make our walks much less stressful for the both of us.

Jane - 9th June 2022

Like best: I brought my extremely determined and strong-willed spaniel to Ian. Honestly, I was getting to my wit’s end and was starting to work my entire day around managing his behaviour. We’ve had many dogs over the years but this seemed to be different. I had tried everything - clickers, treats, online courses, in-person courses and nothing was sticking. My dog wasn’t really interested in treats – in fact, if anything, it used to make him more uptight, as if you were trying to distract him with a firework. Besides, the chances of me having a constant supply of treats and clickers in every pocket was close to zero and I didn’t want to depend on bribery to have a well-behaved, confident and relaxed dog. I really needed a change in the relationship. Ian works as much with you as with the dog. He brought his own pack with him and it was enlightening to see where my own dog fit into a natural pack. When we got home that evening, we had the first truly relaxing sit-on-the-sofa, dog snoozing at your feet evenings. I’ve altered my behaviour and reactions and am applying them consistently to all of the niggling challenges (jumping up, chasing the cat, growling when he didn’t want to let go of something) and they are disappearing fast – to be replaced with a more relaxed and positive relationship. It’s as if we are both on the same team now. I strongly recommend Ian Cooper. This is the most positive, relationship-centred training. Honestly, he is worth driving from wherever you are, no matter the distance, and spending the one of the most productive and transforming morning/afternoons of your life. Your dog, your household and your sanity will thank you for it.

Tessa - 1st June 2022

Cannot praise Ian enough! Within just the 1 session he had my 1 year old labrador very much under control, he is not a naughty or aggressive dog at all I just had a lot of issues with his recall and always wanting to say hello to other dogs when we are out on our walks together. After our session yesterday it was like I was walking a different dog this morning, he noticed a dog and as soon as I did what Ian showed me in our session he completely lost focus on that dog and paid all his attention to me and we carried on our walk. I plan on continuing with the training and tips that Ian showed me in our session as it really is working, Hunter seemed to listen very much to Ian and I am so pleased I found Ian when I did. Thank you so much!

James and Harriet - 31st May 2022

Ian was truly amazing today thank you both so we have loads of confidence and knowledge to now deal with Blu we cannot thank you enough.  I have paid the agreed amount today which was a bargain considering what we have gained in knowledge and ability to manage and move forward with Blu 👍👍👍👍👍

Richard - 26th May 2022

I have had dogs all my life, including working dogs, and was confident when I got a new puppy that I knew exactly what to do. He was a greyhound /mastiff cross out of working stock and from a puppy was hard work. tugging on clothes aggressively , nipping and scratching and would not settle down. we thought about taking him back, but after a lot of research I found Ian and called him. He asked me to send a video of the dog, and after looking at it said he could fix it quite easily but I would have to bring him to see him. I thought I knew a fair bit about dogs but was amazed at how Ian dealt with the problem in 10minutes. He showed my wife and I a technique to use with him and it worked perfectly. He is a true dogman, and a genuinely nice guy. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian to anyone who has a problem with their dogs, specially if you have come to the end of your tether and are thinking of getting rid of your pet. Call him first!

Jaqi - 25th May 2022

After a very rewarding session yesterday 24/5/22 we went for a wonderful, relaxed walk today with a new slip lead. Reggie hardly pulled at all. He now listens, he checks in with me, he has a lot more respect and it was the happiest most fulfilling walk we have ever had. Two hours with Ian is a total game changer- he has given us all the tools and building blocks to move forward and explore a really good relationship. My dog now understands that he doesn’t need to protect me, take charge or act for me. I am top wolf, I am in charge. Having mastered good lead walking we are moving onto recall. Thanks Ian and Clare much appreciate your total dedication to improving life for hounds and hoomans. Absolutely recommend Ian, without hesitation.

Mo and Lee - 24th May 2022

Lee and I have been utterly astonished with your unbelievable understanding of dogs .

We were so excited that we where able to see you in the first place, but to achieve what you did this evening Ian was mind blowing!!

With no name calling, no TREATS just a positive healing energy. You sure do have a gift! You have given Scooby and ourselves a future of happiness knowing we have a positive future for Scooby . A HUGE Thanks. It’s down to us now to carry this forward and if possible we would love Scooby to meet all her new buddies on a group walk.

We think that there are so many people who don’t know just how Amazing Ian is and we will be shouting his name from the rooftops! You both are worth every penny so we Thank you 🙏 Your boys were wonderful too!🐶🐾

Rai - 3rd May 2022

I just wanted to update you on our progress as we've had a couple of milestone moments recently! You may not remember us as it was last October we had a one-to-one session with you - my partner and I brought our brown teenage-delinquent sprocker Ozzy, who had a penchant for chasing things (sheep in particular!) and was becoming a bit of a menace on walks.  Anyway, the whistle training was a revelation.  He took off after a deer in the woods a while ago and I was able to get him right back to me using the whistle! We had another encounter on an unfamiliar walk a couple of weeks ago that I really think would have been catastrophic previously; the footpath route was a bit confusing, and Ozzy ran ahead of us into a field full of - shock horror! - sheep! He would have seen them as he got there before we did, but he waited just inside the gate for us to catch up.  As soon as we saw the sheep, we turned and walked back in the opposite direction, blew the whistle and he came straight back to us! Of course we would never be irresponsible enough to deliberately walk him off lead through a field of sheep, but it just feels so good to know that in unexpected encounters like that we don't have to panic anymore, so thank you so much for giving us the tools and confidence we needed to control our little live-wire 🙂

Jess - 1st May 2022

I went over to my parents and it was a huge success! We all cried with relief and happiness! 😂🥰 - Hizi turned out to be top dog, and being so small compared to my parents two ridgebacks, it was quite funny to see! If anything it was their dogs which were a bit much so they may be getting in contact soon haha! 

I honestly cannot thank you both enough! Yesterday was an absolute revelation - I think I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time last night! 😂

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bob and Bev - 27th April 2022

A big thank you for all the dog training tips and advice you gave us when we met up with you at the beginning of April. We really found your history and tutorial very interesting.
No longer do we have to leg it down the garden at Olympic speed to stop her munching on one of her tasty poos. What a result !! Well pleased.
We are progressing well with her pulling on the lead problem. Your training techniques are working well, although she need’s reminding a lot when she is on a new dog walking route. Her brain is fixed on new scent & meeting new dogs. When excitement steps in she is a very stubborn lady.
She forgot herself completely when she visited Bude beach. We gave her time to calm down before advancing from the carpark to the beach & then she settled well.
We are amazed how quickly Storm is improving every day.  Bobs arms are not quite so long!

Kerrie - 21st April 2022

Thank you Ian for today …  Max has had an early night! It was lovely to meet you and for you to be honest with me and help me understand and I feel reassured I am on the right path (although I talk too much and a bit soft!) You went out of your way today with driving and not rushing anything. I feel so much more positive moving on with him and the puppy. I know you are there in the future if I come unstuck but I now know I’m doing all I can with the extra you have shown me today to manage him… I know he’s a special dog and hope I can give him what he needs.  

Jon - 19th April 2022

So pleased we found Ian but we had a difficult journey to get here! Lots of disruption in my young Springer’s life due to having go spend lots of time away with my terminally ill father. Long story short I had lost connection with my lovely boy , unavoidable but difficult to come to terms with. After a recent residential stay with another trainer I'd come to the conclusion that I needed a completely different approach and found Ian Cooper after some research. We had an initial phone chat and I felt very comfortable releasing Loki into Ian’s care. Loki stayed with Ian for 3 weeks. I received lots of written and video feedback which was very reassuring. We went to pick our boy up and had a great couple of hours with Ian, Clare and the amazing pack. Ian’s approach is different to anything I've experienced previously. Not a treat in sight but based on canine behaviour and communication. It’s calm, firm but gentle all in one, bit like the man himself. I'm seeing my dog with different eyes already after just a few days back home. This morning he off lead heeled for 0.5 miles with very little prompting from me, this is a massive step for us and I believe I can build on with my growing knowledge and Ian’s offer of ongoing support. I wholeheartedly recommend Ian if you are serious about changing the relationship you have with your dog but are prepared to open your mind to a different way of interacting with your dog. Ian Cooper is the man!

Beth - 7th April 2022

I absolutely loved my session last Friday, such an insight into dog behaviour. It was fascinating to see the interaction between teenage Fen & your dogs & this really reinforced the session for me. Ian's technique to stop Fen jumping all over us & lunging on the lead have worked - there is a complete turnaround in his behaviour at home with visitors. We have tradesmen working at our house (one has had labs for many years) & after having Fen jump up them many times last week whilst trying to work they couldn't believe the difference after I showed them how to handle his excitement & dominant behaviour. They were able to get on with their work whilst Fen enjoyed being outside with them.

I have also had lovely relaxed walks with a friend & her two rescue dogs, a week ago Fen was jumping up & lunging excitedly. Not now. I am in charge! He is a much more relaxed lab in many ways & I am a much more relaxed owner. Thank you!

Steve and Terrie - 31st March 2022

Met Ian this afternoon and we can't praise him enough. We have a 4 year old border collie who had us at our wits end with barking and lunging at people and would not let anyone leave the house without nipping or barking at them, within 10 minutes Ian had shown us how to deal with this, he also showed us how to deal with Yogi's obsession with our 21 year old cat. Looking forward to using the tools Ian has shown us feeling a lot more positive now about having visitors round and also taking Yogi for his walks . Thank you Ian for all you help

Bethanie - 29th March 2022

I just want to say thank you again. I had so much faith you could help us from your reviews but I had no idea how quickly. He’s already a reformed dog, when I got home last night we had someone knock on the door and the usually unmanageable behaviour with his growling and lunging for the door was history. He went to get up from the sofa, I used the trick and he laid his head back down and didn’t even watch as I went to answer it. I honestly can’t believe it. I can’t wait to go on a walk with him and I haven’t felt like that for a while so thank you, thank you and thank you. 

Jane Davies - 11th March 2022

[after seeing Facebook videos] We loved this video, even more since we recognised Nelson, Banjo and Sonny, and could see your golden hanging back, just as you said he did.  Invincible has been a changed dog since we saw you on Wednesday.  No barking at the hoover, no howling if he is left alone for even 30 seconds, no barking at us if we are eating.  And those aren’t even the things we wanted to cure.  Will report back when we have been able to test him in close proximity with others

Tonya - 30th January 2022

We cannot thank you enough for putting back the confidence in me and teaching my family how control our two 12 months old German Shepherds. The difference was amazing just by you being here for 2hours. We will keep up the hard work you taught us now we know what to do. Thank Ian you are amazing

 Lori - 28th January 2022

We had just one session with Ian. It was a revelation. I was unprepared for what turned out to be a great learning experience – both a superb and interesting education and an unexpected pleasure. Our Labrador, 13 months old and immensely strong was a 'lunger' - at both people and dogs, to the extent that walks were a total embarrassment for both my husband  (taller and stronger than me) and myself. Neither was recall a  positive experience much of the time and completely non-existent when she was enjoying herself with other dogs. I felt a miracle would be needed. In that one session, Ian provided it. Quietly and calmly - no drama - not only did he show us how both problems could be solved, he gave us the tools to do it, as well as to show him we could do it, before we left him.  Even better, those tools and the gradual improvement in her behaviour since that one session, have given us - me, in particular - the much-needed confidence to continue with the training and remain positive. Ian had prepared us for the fact that there would be "good days and bad days" and that we should be philosophical about it, as well as to give ourselves a pat on the back for any achievement, however small it might seem. His knowledge,  non-judgmental understanding and those helpful words have helped and encouraged both of us immensely. I cannot speak highly enough of his work.

Ray Swain - 27th November 2021

Refreshing and knowledgeable. We can highly recommend Ian, his approach makes sense, he explains the theory as well as being there to guide you in practise. Such a reassuring and calm manner, no drama and nothing too much trouble. We just wish we had heard about his services before now! Thank you Ian for giving us the tools and confidence to bring the peace back to our family and home once again xx

Harriet, Phil and Harris - 26th November 2021

Ian is fantastic and has been the only one who has restored our hope in what has been a challenging journey with our lovely shar pei rescue. Harris came to us at 6 months with very poor social skills, lunging and barking at other dogs even at a large distance - this made socialising even more challenging and our walks were stressful all around and Harris became very distressed at the mere mention of a walk.

After trying numerous different trainers and using varying techniques, most of which were treat-based which did not work as our dog is not remotely food orientated, we were deflated but after our neighbour with similar challenges recommended Ian, we drove down from Bristol to meet him.

The only way I can describe Ian is a miracle worker, I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing when our dog stood calmly around 8 other dogs as soon as Ian took hold of the lead. Within minutes he was able to identify the issues and explain them to us so we were able to change our mindset and certain actions.

I am delighted to report that we have made some excellent progress and have now managed to stand calmly chatting with another dog parent whilst their dog stood a mere 3 feet away and he is making friends - I never believed this could be possible. We are now back to enjoying our walks and our boy is so much happier and confident in general.

Thank you again Ian, you are amazing.

Carol Gibson 20th November 2021

A really well spent couple of hours today. Ian is an excellent teacher with so much knowledge on dog behaviour. He has taught us how to act around our dog, react to behaviours and to be in control. Both of us are looking forward to Drummer being more relaxed near and around other dogs. We learnt a lot and would highly recommend him to anyone who asks about dog training! Thank you Ian

Sian Jones - 22nd October 2021

This man is fantastic! I would recommend him 100%. He transformed the dog we took to him in 2 hours and gave us the skills to continue this. If you are ever considering re-homing your dog please try this man first, I can’t praise him enough.

Emily Barrie - 9th October 2021

We rescued a lovely staffy after he was subjected to 8 years of neglect. He was also given away 4 times over a 10 day period before he came to our rescue. We knew he was going to need specialist care and training so asked Ian for help. Over a few months Ian has done amazing work with Benny. He is now an absolute love bug and we will be forever grateful for Ian’s hard work. He has taught Benny that people are actually ok and he now craves attention and cuddles off his new family. Benny will be forever grateful for Ians love and care, as will we! Thank you for all you do, Team Poundie

Shelley Rattlidge - 5th October 2021

Ian is an excellent teacher with so much knowledge on dog behaviour. He has taught me how to act around our dog, react to behaviours and to be in control. Both myself and our dog are much more relaxed and happier. I can’t recommend him enough and will tell anyone about him and his methods who asks about dog training! Thank you, Ian, I have learnt so much!

Tash Robyn - 2nd October 2021

The best couple of hours I have ever spent. Ian’s knowledge and guidance is invaluable!! Absolutely amazing! He has sorted out our dog completely; in a time when I thought that all hope was lost he showed us how to gain respect back from our dog!! Our dog was a nightmare on and off the lead and Ian showed us how to sort this behaviour out. I can’t thank him enough!!

If you’re in need please don’t hesitate to contact Ian, he is the real life dog whisperer!! He really helped us in our time of great desperation and felt like we were at the end of the road!

Stephanie Farmery - 20th September 2021

Ian was fantastic with our dog reactive German Shepherd named Maple. She is an 18 month old rescue dog we have had from 9 months old. We have tried several trainers, several techniques and spent insane amounts of money with other trainers, that did not come close to achieving what Ian did within a few days. We will be recommending Ian to every dog owner we know. He has honestly not only changed Maple’s life but also ours.

Maple boarded with Ian for a week and by day 2 she was playing with one of his dogs. By the end of the 7th day she was comfortable with his pack of dogs. He also gave us the tools to deal with Maples reactivity on lead and when meeting new dogs.

We were able to safely introduce Maple to our family dog Willow ( a small 5 year old nervous cockapoo) who has currently been living with my parents. He helped us manage the introduce safely and calming and has given the tools and knowledge to appropriately manage this in our household.

We cannot thank Ian enough and recommend him highly. He is amazing value for money and Maple will definitely be boarding with him again should we ever need someone to look after her.

Thank you Ian

Rhoda Daniels - 17th September 2021

You don’t need to have a ‘problem’ dog to benefit from seeing Ian. We have two lovely young dogs and spent two fantastic hours with Ian yesterday learning more about their personalities and what we can expect of them, how to better communicate with them, and how to iron out a few ‘training issues’ as they grow up. We were given the skills we need in just the one session - no need for weekly classes with piles of treats and clickers. Don’t even think about it - if you have a dog, any dog, then go and see Ian.


Rebekah Shackley - 10th September 2021

Ian visited us a couple of weeks ago because I was having some aggression issues with my miniature dachshund. In just a couple of weeks I can't believe the change in his behaviour. My uncle visited us today and he showed no aggression towards him. Going out for walks is a much happier experience now with no aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or people. I can't thank you enough Ian and highly recommend his services.

Tracy Sherratt - 13th August 2021

Ian visited us today after we started to experience serious issues with our 12 year old jack russell. This was last chance saloon for our dog or we’d have to consider euthanasia (not something we thought we’d ever have to contemplate). We were emotional wrecks at the thought of losing him if he couldn’t be helped.

Ian turned the situation around completely in his 2 hour visit and had us practising new techniques to use from now on.

I am amazed at the difference 2 hours has made. Since he left our home earlier today, our dog has behaved well and seems to have had a personality transplant. We have strategies from Ian to ensure this good behaviour remains.

I would never use anyone else now I’ve seen him in action. He’s outstanding.

Primrose Bigwood - 1st July 2021

Absolutely incredible, so glad we found Ian! Our rescue dog made incredible progress within a couple of hours of Ian’s guidance with us and his pack! (Our dog even got to say hello to the horses, which is something that completely amazed us both!) It was such a happy moment finally seeing our dog socialising and playing with others. He went from an under-socialised rescue who was desperate to play but didn’t know how, to one that is slowly beginning to learn, listen and be respectful to dogs and us as his owners. Through Ian’s knowledge and guidance, we are absolutely filled with confidence that we can continue to introduce our dog to others in a safe and relaxed way, something which fills us with so much happiness knowing our dog is getting an enriched, playful life! He’s really left us feeling equipped to continue to build a wonderful relationship with our dog, which is something we are so thankful for. Nothing will beat the feeling we got of seeing our dog interact with his pack for the first time, happy and running along! Cannot recommend his services enough!

Dan Hoskin - 18th June 2021

went to see Ian this morning for a training session with my border collie. Ian is an amazing dog trainer who understands the dogs body language brilliantly. After a few short hours with Ian and a couple hours back at home on out own we now how have a completely different dog. our work is far from over but with out Ians help today we wouldn't have been this far ahead.

I highly recommend Ian to anyone who is on the look out for a dog trainer, someone who is more interested in the dog than the money.

Diane Bellamy - 14th June 2021

travelled from Doncaster to visit Ian, with my romainian rescue" Charlie". Charlie had guarding issues over me and would lunge, charge and nip anyone who was near me. he also guards my home, garden, caravan etc, etc. he was becoming reactive towards other dogs either if I stroked another dog or passed another dog. Ian gave a comprehensive explanation of why this was happening , gave advice and practical demonstrations. we left Charlie for 1 week for his residential rehab. upon collection, Charlie, Ian and I worked together to increase my confidence being the pack leader. all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW. I'm now undertaking the leadership role with confidence, Charlie is calm, relaxed and listening to my change of communication with him. I cant thank Ian enough for his help. it was well worth the two 750 mile round trips to Ian Cooper. thankyou.

Diane Clayton 4th June 2021
Absolutely brilliant Rex is like a different dog even after only one session. Thank you so much.

Sam Dunbar 16th May 2021
We had Ian round for some advice on stopping our Dachshund x breed from barking at strangers,  passers by, and pretty much everything that moved.  And also asked advice on lead walking, recall and many other things we felt we needed to improve on with our dog Benny.  He made an instant impact,  and showed us some very useful techniques and after a short visit has already made a huge difference on our dogs behaviour!  He is very knowledgeable and experienced and his advice is interesting, reassuring and easy to follow.  We obviously need to continue with the advice going forward,  but he made an immediate impact and the improvement in Benny's barking already after just one day is unbelievable.  We found so much conflicting information online about how to tackle this behaviour and tried and failed at many things.   And Ian's advice is very simple,  but very effective and we have a much happier confident dog because of it. We are really looking forward to seeing how much progress we make with him and without Ian's advice we would still be stuck trying various things from youtube and online!  Getting him in was the best decision we could have made and I highly recommend him.

Joyce Mason 2nd May 2021
Took Skye my border collie to visit Ian a month ago because he was jumping up at my granddaughter and scratching her. Also he was pulling badly on the lead and his recall was awful. Had a wonderful session with Ian who took command very quickly and gave me brilliant tips about how to get Skye walking well on his lead. Skye hasn’t jumped up on my granddaughter since our training session and walks well on lead on his own. We still need a bit of training advice for how to calm him down when we arrive at the beach for instance. However, Ian has given me confidence to sort out problems. He is a wonderful trainer and would recommend him every time.

‘Harry’ 11th April 2021

We met Ian and his pack of dogs to help our dog Harry with his nervousness on an initial greed with another dog. Ian made us feel relaxed and his obvious vast experience with dog behaviour gave us confidence in his advice. We repeated the action he taught us on our next walk with Harry with success! We all feel more confident and relaxed now including Harry. Thank you

Sarah & Damon Pennington 9th April 2021

We first saw Ian back in December 2020 when he helped us with Luna our 3 year old Cavapoo's barking in the house and garden. We are making good progress with this, so invited Ian back today to help us with her pulling on lead. Within 10 minutes Ian had got Luna walking beside him and 10 minutes later she was doing the same for me. Lots of invaluable hints and tips all about dog behaviour and respect. Ian also brought one of his dogs along to give Luna extra practice as she struggles meeting some dogs. The first walk on my own this afternoon was so much better and has given me a spring in my step that I can do this. Thank You Ian.

Paul Wright 25th March 2021
Ian kindly came to meet our pack today - more importantly Dipper our Romanian shepherd who we rescued over a year ago. Dippers showing signs of nervous aggression, he’s settled in well with our family but we had concerns regarding how we are training him and how we can allow others to assist in his care while we are away.Ian within 2 hours has showed us so much and has highlighted what we need to do with Dipper - he also spent time working with him to address his fear and guarding instincts and demonstrate to him how he should be behaving.
This is the start of a great working relationship with Ian trying to help us help Dipper have the best life!
Thank you Ian, you have given us real hope for this lovely boy.

Yuval Shalson 11th December 2020

Amazing. I’ve tried several different dog trainers over the last year and none were successful. In a short morning with Ian, we had all 4 of my dogs walking calmly on lead, not reacting to other dogs, not jumping up or getting in human personal space and respecting my authority as their leader. Blown away by how quickly Ian taught these methods to me and my dogs, and how he has given me the confidence to continue this work at home. Highly recommend, and will be recommending to all I come across! Big big thank you to you, Ian!

Helen Turner 6th December 2020

Our dog had a huge problem chasing sheep, a week with Ian and his pack, my dog is no longer interested in the chase, I can't thank Ian enough.

I'd highly recommend this dog whisper. He truly can talk the dogs soul, and fix the issues!

Francis Jago 30th November 2020

Ian has made a huge difference for us, and more importantly for Reggie. His calmness and genuine ability to communicate with animals and owners alike set us for success not failure, and gave us the start we so badly needed. Thanks again, we cannot recommend Ian enough.

Jan F - July 2019

Where do I start he's the UK version of ceasar Milan. Nothing too much trouble. Kind caring patient lovely man. Who really is passionate in what he does. Ian is not in the business in how much money he can rip you off. He really loves what he does for the dogs in his care.
We nearly gave up on our border collie Ian was our last hope, we travelled five hours to take him to Ian Coopers house. BOY we was not disappointed. We cannot thank him enough for what he's done for our dog tucker a massive improvement, and behavior mega improved. What a different dog in a week.
Do not hesitate to contact him about your dog you won't regret it it's five stars we have spent hundreds of pounds on dog trainers with no results,.
Life is amazing now and can enjoy going out with our dogs together, thank you Ian cooper for your time patience and all of your help.

Nikki S - January 2019

Cannot say enough good things about Ian.. He always finds time to help and advise you. Has an amazing way with dogs and understands them better than I have ever seen anyone else. There are dog behaviourists and dog behaviourists but Ian is definitely one of the true ones. Wouldn't use anyone else.  
Very highly recommend. Genuinely cares about the dogs and sorting out 'owner' issues.

Julia H - August 2015

Wish I had known about Ian five years ago!! My Labrador is a different boy since we spent an hour with him. He taught me so so much in just one session and the suggested simple changes to my behavior and leadership have resulted in a happy, confident, less anxious, well behaved dog. I am so pleased with the instant results, its had a huge impact on us both for the better! Thank you so much for your help Ian, I am stunned as to the difference your help and advice has made

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